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As you expand your business, processes and system can be inefficient and add unnecessary costs, risks, and delays.

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  • Confidently Switch to Saraf

    We’ve successfully implemented our software suite for hundred of customers, so we know what it takes to make the switch a smooth transition.

  • - Flexible solution-based pricing

    - Stress-free implementation

    - Tailored training

    - Ongoing support


PARSA’s SARAF solution allows you to move beyond the workarounds to a smarter, more integrated, and scalable way of thinking.

SARAF Solution wallet, Hawala and Exchange management software brings together your accounting and daily operations – making you more efficient, more in control and giving you live visibility and insight across your organization


Benefits of SARAF Solution


Deep functionality and simple usability

The highly sophisticated software is not only feature rich - allowing you to automate and streamline processes - but more importantly, it’s easy to use and configurable to the way your business works

Multi dimensional reporting

Interactive data dashboards allow you to monitor KPIs and quickly drill down into granular detail. The highly configurable accounts structure and reporting options enable you to get the data and insight you really need.

Modular design

The modular design means you can combine powerful accounting software with project, procurement, sales and operations to build an integrated financial system, capable of managing the unique needs of your organization

Cloud Based Platform

brings together all your Access software so they work from a single source of data. Everyone gets access to a personal dashboard with the systems, apps, data, documents and communications that are relevant to them - improving efficiency, visibility and communication across your organization





National Customers


international Customers




  • - Manage, monitor and report from every angle - branch, department, group, fund
  • - Multi-currency accounting and automatic exchange rate conversion and VAT rates
  • - Easily manage intercompany transactions and consolidation


  • - Define, Manage and monitor Branch
  • - Easily manage required branch currencies
  • - Define and swiftly change user and user access levels in each branch

Exchange and Treasury Management

  • - Able to define any type of exchange in the system
  • - Dynamic treasury evaluation based on the weighted average exchange rate


  • - Able to define any type of Hawala on the system
  • - Enable customer portal to perform direct sale Hawala
  • - Able to define small and big Hawala transaction rate
  • - Able to execute reserve Hawala for a customer

Customer/Partner Portal

  • - Define the Hawala rate for customer and Partners
  • - Sending and receiving Hawala directly between customers
  • - Partner are enable to send and receive Hawala to the associated branch